Entrepreneurs Call To Climate Action and COP21

Entrepreneurs Call To Climate Action and COP21 

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The joint statement below is from 120 CEOs with international operations and bases in India, South Africa, Germany, China, US, Japan, Canada, UK, Mexico, France, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Zimbabwe, Croatia, Costa Rica, Estonia, Uganda, Chile, Rwanda, Indonesia, Brazil and South Korea. The statement is supported by 27 international organisations.

We are the disruptors

We are some of the thousands of cleantech businesses and entrepreneurs from all corners of the world that already have the solutions ready to help our customers to better performance and lives without the need of harmful fossil fuel emissions. We are forerunners in all areas of daily life, providing solutions that address human needs for shelter, mobility, food, water, heating and materials - powered by renewable energy.

We work on developing and delivering energy services in new efficient ways and exploring new business models where this can be done faster and cleaner as part of a circular economy. Together we can provide cooling, heating, steam, cooking & water treatment for rich and poor using renewable energy, energy efficiency across traditional industries, biogas displacing fossil alternatives, performance materials inspired by nature and infrastructure and fueling for zero emissions transport. Our solutions enable super-efficient buildings so they can produce more energy than they consume, even more efficient renewable energy production, energy storage, remanufacturing, optimization of the growth of plants, removal of CO2 from the atmosphere with renewable energy & agriculture based negative emission solutions and more. We provide jobs where everyone feels proud in taking real actions for a sustainable world.

The more we grow, the faster emissions will shrink. The more we grow, the more people will have access to sustainable energy. The more we grow, the closer we will be to a full decarbonisation of the global economy.

We need You to scale up these solutions

We need committed politicians, corporations and investors that stand up and face the global challenge of climate change whilst being receptive to the economic, social and environmental opportunities of delinking our dependence on the number one driver of climate change - fossil fuels.

We need leaders who understand that we should take up the full decarbonisation challenge as soon as we can, rather than a waiting game of curbing emissions in the slowest possible way to achieve 2 or 3 degrees global warming. We are aware that millions of people and ecosystems are already suffering from climate change. Already at 1.5 degrees of global warming we are in the region of exposing people and planet to unacceptable risks. Using the precautionary principle, our joint ambition must be to leave the fossil fuel era behind as soon as we can.

Some main barriers to our growth are finance and policy influence. We note that the incumbents in the fossil fuel industry have too much policy influence and an over allocation of capital today [1]. These assets must shift to us solution providers - both for us to succeed in creating jobs - and for us to achieve a safe operating space for humanity in the face of climate change.

We need a strong directive to nations, cities, corporations and communities to redirect their investment into new, efficient and fully renewable solutions that leapfrog the traditional business-as-usual alternatives. Cities, corporations and communities must favour new and transformative products and services that deliver 100% fossil free solutions opposed to a slightly better version of an already existing polluting alternative. This will not only drastically cut CO2 emissions but also create new jobs. Let us not forget that enhanced renewable energy options have potential to provide clean energy access to millions of people in the developing world. Both the technology and business models exist – but need to be substantially scaled up to make an impact. 

COP21 in Paris must deliver

- COP21 in Paris must be the turn of the tide for the global society from the fossil fuel era towards the era of efficiency and 100% renewable energy - and we should reach 100% no later than 2050. World leaders must aim at the lower range of our shared finite carbon budget of 400-1000 GtCO2 from 2011 to ensure a likely chance to stay below 2°C and make it possible to stay below 1.5°C [1].

- COP21 must be the turn of the tide for the financial sector to chase innovative solutions rather than having trillions of stranded assets in the fossil fuel reserves that should never be burnt. COP21 must ensure clear scaling up of climate finance from developed countries towards the promised $100 billion per year by 2020. This year of climate action must be the turn of the tide when countries start phasing out public finance towards fossil fuels rather than increasing them from already very high levels [2].

- COP21 must be the turn of the tide for Governments to develop science based targets and policy instruments that support innovative solution providers that have everything to gain from change. Policies that do not subsidise fossil fuels and its emissions but rather establish a price on carbon emissions. 

- COP21 must be the turn of the tide when all multinational corporates not only set climate targets in line with what science say is the minimum needed, but also actively share the risk in exploring better ways of doing business in an efficient and fully renewable energy based future, reaping the rewards in lower costs and increased revenue of getting there first.  

As world leaders you have the power to change people’s feeling of helplessness into proud actors of change. We should not hesitate to put these solutions into place. A change into best-in-class, modern energy solutions need to happen today – at full speed. Within the next years, we have a window of opportunity to turn the climate boat around into safer waters. The solutions are already here, ready to be scaled. Now – help us and the thousands of groundbreaking cleantech entrepreneurs to put them to work.

Signed By:

Piyush Jaju, CEO, ONergy

Patrik Lindergren, CEO, ChargeStorm

Devin De Vries, Founder and Director, WhereIsMyTransport

Luke Lu, CEO, Beijing ZBEST Technology Co.

Mårten Hellberg, CEO, OrganoClick

Paul Needham, CEO, Simpa Networks

Karl Bohman, CEO, ClimateWell

Zhongze Li, Chairman, Wuhan San Fran Electronics Co

Petra Wadström, CEO, Solvatten

Mainak Chakraborty, CEO, GPS Renewables

David Andersson, CEO, ECOERA AB

Staffan Hillberg, CEO, Heliospectra

Neil du Preez, CEO, Mellowcabs

Per Wickman, CEO, Solelia

Joakim Byström, CEO, Absolicon

Budong Hao, CEO, Dong He Advanced Material Technology Ltd

Anders Lindgren, CEO, Optistring

David Drew, CEO, Agriprotein

Henrik Karlsson, CEO, Biorecro

Shengyue Hou, Chairman, Zhejiang Heda Solar Technology Co

Klas Berglöf, CEO, ClimaCheck Sweden

Harit Soni, Founder, Ecolibrium Energy

Per Löfberg, Executive Director, Emerging Cooking Solutions

Svante Bengtsson, CEO, ReHact

Yun Luo, CEO, Metaspace (Beijing) Air Dome Corp

Johan Siverklev, Founder, Air to Air Sweden

Ming Gu, CEO, Nanjing Xingfei Cooling Apparatus Co., Ltd.

Bhoo Thirumalai, CEO, Aspiration Energy

Abhishek Bhatewara, Director, Clique Solar

Pär Bergsten, CEO, H&D Wireless AB

Daniel Hagström, CEO & Founder, ReformTech

Umesh Bhutoria, CEO, E-Cube Energy

Arun Shenoy, Executive Director - Business Operations, GIBSS (Green India Building Systems and Services)

Anders Jansson, CEO & Co-Founder, Minesto

Laurent Sohier, CEO, Heliopur

Tobias Forngren, CEO, Freelway

Greg Atkinson, Founder & CTO, Eco Marine Power

Tomas Svärd, CEO, AQVIS Miljöspont

Patrik Möller, CEO & Co-founder, CorPower Ocean AB’

Paul Egginton, CEO, TEGnology ApS

Bo Eskerod Madsen, CEO, ReMoni

Kari Vuorinen, CEO, Plantui

Fredrika Gullfot, Founder & CEO, Simris Alg AB

Arttur Kulvik, Chairman of the Board, Solnet Green Energy Oy

Arne R. Gravdahl, Founder & CTO, WindSim AS

Jonas Karles, Co-Founder, Epishine

Svend Brandstrup Hansen, CEO, Hveiti

Vidar Holmoey, CEO, Norsetek AS

Niclas Luthman, Founder/ CEO, Pike Solution AB

Seppo Huurinainen, CEO, MHG Systems Oy

Lars Brøndum Petersen, CEO & Co-Founder, RETAP APS

Jonne Hellgren, CEO, RePack

Amit Paul, Managing Director, Paxymer AB

Julien Uhlig, CEO, Entrade Energiesysteme

Erik Godtman Kling & Viktor Börjesson, Co-Founders COO/CEO & Co-Founders, ReVibe Energy

Henning Pilgaard, CEO, Crestwing

Markku Makkonen, CEO and Co-Founder, Fourdeg

Per Kaijser, Founder, Scandinavian Centriair AB

Anna-Maria Béregi Amnéus, Founder & CEO, Energeotek

Christofer Friberg, Co-Founder / Executive Partner, Energeotek International

Sanjay Banka, CEO, Banka BioLoo

Mårten Björk, CMO and shareholder Vice President, Elpanneteknik Sweden AB

Mats Rydsund, Founder, PureAirZone

Mark Jansson Kragh, CEO, Founder & Mainowner, Arsizio AB

Mikael Lennström, CEO & Founder, SenseNode AB

Tiger Aster, Founder, Toro Cooling Systems - India

Theo Bouwman, CEO, founder, inventor, Woodyhousing

Georg Svensson, CEO, Mimer Energy

Vishal Pandya, Co-Founder & Director, REConnect Energy                              

Rustam Sengupta, CEO & Founder, Boond Engineering & Development (P) Ltd.

Mika Laine, Chairman, Envor Group                         

Abhilash Thirupathy, Founder, AK Surya PowerMagic Pvt. Ltd.                       

Deb A Mukherjee, Director, Enfragy                         

Tawanda Mutukwa, Co-Founder, Hurukuro Consultancy Pvt Ltd                                        

Emil Drinovac, CEO, DYNAMICA                                

Rune Franzén, Founder & CFO,  HydroInfra Technologies HITI publ AB        

Mattias Karls, CEO, Disruptive Materials AB                                 

Åsmund Møll Frengstad, CEO, Meshcrafts AS                               

Jakob Assmann, Founder, Polarstern GmbH                                                       

Andreas Lehner, Founder & COO, TRINE                                      

Jonas Almquist, CEO, Sustainable Energy Nordic AB                                         

Narcisse Mbunzama, Founder and CEO, Avonax Group                                    

Stefano Onofri, CEO, XEOLO4ALL                             

Alejandro Brenes, CEO, Enertiva

Morten Veis Donnerup, CEO and CO-founder, SUNTHERM APS

Federico Garcea, CEO, Treedom

Alar Võrk, CEO and Co-founder, Cityntel

Ole Morten Olesen, CEO, Desert Control

Mairi Wickett, CEO, WITT Limited

Thomas Gottschalk, CEO and Founder, Mobisol GmbH

Wilhelm Löwenhielm, CEO, Eneo Solutions

Curtis VanWalleghem, CEO, Hydrostor

Fredrik Östlin, Founder/CEO, off2off

Alex Shoer, CEO, Seeder Clean Energy

Billy Parish, CEO, Mosaic

Gerardo Domínguez, Co- Owner, GRAVALOCK PERMEABLE PAVER

Danny Kennedy, CEO, CalCEF

Pasi Pennanen, Founder & CEO, Toroidion

Anders L. Østergård, CEO, co-founder, Fluidan

Arine van Walré de Bordes, CEO, Purasol

Jim Woods, CEO, The Crowd

Peik Stenlund, Co-Founder, Pamoja Cleantech AB

Andres Luongo, CEO and Co-Founder, allGreenup

Anthony Baro, Managing Principal, E2SOL LLC

Jack MacDonnell, CEO & President, EnerMotion Inc

Josh Whale, CEO, Ampersand UG (Solar & Electric Motorcycles)

Philip D. Brennan, CEO and Co-founder, Echogen Power Systems, LLC

Göran Folkesson, CEO and Founder, Clean Motion AB

Steve Piro, Founder | CEO, Synergy Efficiency Solutions

Akshat Ghiya, Founder, Karma Recycling

Mario Araripe, CEO, Casa dos Ventos

Liao Shuguang , Chairman, Chang sha Maxxom High-tech Co.,Ltd

James P. McDougall, CEO, Younicos

Donghyun Kim, CEO, Coway

Niklas johansson , CEO & Co-founder, Aqua Robur

Xiong Jiong, Chairman of the Board and President, Hunan Zhongji Environment Protection Energy Co., Ltd

Remi Blokker, CEO, Bluerise BV

Göran Bernhardsson, CEO, Climate Recovery

Assaf Ben Or, CEO and Co-founder, SolarChange

Frederik Taarnhøj, CEO, FaunaPhotonics


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-          [1] Fossil fuel reserves are 4-7 times higher than the maximum carbon budget of 1000 GtCO2 with a likely chance to avoid global warming of 2°C according to IPCC Synthesis Report, Longer Report Table 2.2 http://www.ipcc.ch/report/ar5/syr/ . In spite of this incumbents in the fossil fuel industry spent $674 billion in 2012 of global financial markets capital to find and develop new reserves that are stranded assets in such a scenario where we stay below 2 degrees global warming http://www.carbontracker.org/report/wasted-capital-and-stranded-assets/. Thus there is an over allocation of capital today towards the extractive fossil fuel industry. Whilst access to finance is the largest obstacle to many pure-play energy efficiency and renewable energy entrepreneurs around the world.   

-          [2] Energy subsidies are projected at US$5.3 trillion in 2015, or 6.5% of global GDP, according to a recent IMF (International Monetary Fund) study http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/survey/so/2015/NEW070215A.htm, over $1,000 per G20 citizen http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/aug/04/g20-countries-pay-over-1000-per-citizen-in-fossil-fuel-subsidies-say-imf