Breakthrough order for Absolicon in Spain

Absolicon has received its largest order to date. The order was placed by the hotelCentro Forestal Sueco (CFS) in Marbella. The installation will take place in the near future and will consist of 120m2 of Absolicon X10. With the X10 installed the hotel will be a producer of electricity that will be sold to the grid and it will also produce enough thermal energy to replace a majority of their fossil fuels consumption. The energy that the X10 will produce will reduce CFS CO2 emissions with 930 tons, this is equivalent to a four million kilometer car-ride.

“The order that we received from CFS is an important milestone for Absolicon. We believe that with this installation we can prove to the rest of the world the superiority of our product compared to conventional solar energy systems. Absolicon anticipates a strong increase in order volume thanks to this order. We really look forward to finalizing this installation and thus revolutionizing the way people look at solar energy.” Comments CEO Joakim Byström Absolicon.

Swedish Energy Agency invests 10 Million Crowns to support Vertical Wind

- Vertical Wind’s Technology has great chances of reducing cost of wind power electricity, says Swedish Energy Agency. Therefore they have invested some 10 Million Crowns. (10 180 550 SEK or approximatly 1 Million Euro). The grant will be used financing the prototype park currently planned in Falkenberg. For more information, refer to the press release of the Energy Agency (in Swedish).