Climate solver technology presented at COP15 in Copenhagen

The BIOAGRO system has been selected as a Swedish sustainable energy solution and will be presented on a study visit arranged by Sustainable Business Hub during the event “Climate Bridge” during COP15.

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Walk’n da talk


Sweden's Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren goes green and votes for an ambitious deal!

During the coming two weeks world leaders will gather in Copenhagen to determine the fate of our planet. I sure hope they realize that we need a lot more than their pretty words, if we are to reverse the current trend of increased CO2 emissions and avoid catastrophic global warming,

WWF believes that emissions must peak before 2017, and then begin a steady decline reaching global reductions of 80% by 2050 compared to 1990 levels. Oh gee, that leaves us with about 7 years – we better get moving!

Fortunately technical solutions that would enable us to radically reduce our emissions already exist – as illustrated on this site. Clearly technology isn’t the problem.

So what is the problem you might wonder? Well, as anyone who has been following the climate negotiations this past year would certainly agree, the real problem seems to be the total and absolute lack of ambition and political leadership from the world’s greatest emitters. Granted the recent articulation of reduction goals by the US and China is a step in the right direction. And now even India has entered the game. Oh, and EU gets a star (not a gold one though) for their promise to up the ante from 20 to 30% reductions by 2020, if other industrialized countries make strong commitments.

So although this last round of pretty words is somewhat encouraging, it is by no stretch of the imagination sufficient. We’re going to need to see a lot more bravado in Copenhagen than we’ve seen so far. Time to walk the talk folks.