Six New Climate Solvers Presented Today!

Climate Solver will celebrate its 5th anniversary at its annual conference in Stockholm today. And in keeping with our earlier traditions, we'll present this year's harvest of inspiring climate innovations. As lack of sufficient funding is one of the major barriers that often keep such solutions from reaching the market and their full potential, the conference theme this year is Financial Vehicles, which is also the name of a discussion paper (See Publications). And so not to keep you in suspense for a moment longer... the list of selected Climate Solvers 2012: Emerging Cooking Solutions AB - Biomass-waste Pellets for Efficient Cookstoves  

Heliospectra AB - L4A Efficient Greenhouse Lighting 

HiNation AB - HiLight Solar Light and Charging  

Powerfy AB - Solar-powered Rural Mobile Charging 

Solelia Greentech AB - Solar Charging for Electric Vehicles 

Waves4Power AB – Ocean Power 


Back by Popular Demand - Climate Solver 2012

WWF Climate Solver will celebrate its 5 year anniversary this year on November 22 at our popular, annual Climate Solver Conference in Stockholm. We’re currently in the final stages of the selection process, and will soon have a decision as to which of many interesting candidates will be awarded the title Climate Solver 2012. The theme for this year’s conference is Financing the Transition where we’ll be looking at innovative financing models from around the globe, and how they might be applied in Sweden.
Meanwhile our colleagues in China are busy arranging the details of their first ever presentation of Chinese climate technologies, which of course will be profiled on this site as soon as they are announced in December.
Oh, and solutions from India will not be far behind and are expected to be presented next spring. In other words – watch this space!