Top Indian entrepreneurs harness renewable energy

Indian entrepreneurs have shown that some challenging feats are possible when it comes to renewable energy – and their work is being recognised. At the recent Climate Solvers awards in New Delhi, five small and medium enterprises presented their solutions to reduce green house gasses and provide energy to those who need it most. 
Many of the teams demonstrated how solar energy is harnessed, showing their solutions for how they meet some of the heating demands for industrial processes and achieve electricity savings without any upfront costs. Others showed how they put an end to wasted energy in industries through clever analytics, combat indoor pollution and inefficiency when cooking food as well as offer cheap electricity to aid night-time learning and local businesses in Indian villages – all by using renewable forms of energy.
The inspiring Climate Solver entrepreneurs delivering these services received their awards from Shri Prakash Javadekar (Indian Minister of State (IC) for Environment, Forests & Climate Change), Shri Ravi Singh (CEO and Secretary General, WWF India), Shri Upendra Tripathy and Shri V. Subramanian (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy). 
The Climate Solver India 2013 entrepreneurs are:
Naturetech Infrastructure – A solar microgrid that brings light, electricity and opportunities to villages in India. 
Envirofit – Biomass cooking stoves that save fuel and reduce pollution for poor families.
Aspiration Energy – A renewable energy solution providing heat for industrial processes at no upfront cost.
Ecolibrium Energy – A smart energy demand management system for industry.
Clique Developments – A solar boiler which helps meet half the manufacturing industry’s process heating needs. 
The awards also coincided with the release of a new report, which demonstrates how the needs of air conditioning and desalination can also be met through solar energy. Indian entrepreneurs, WWF and the Council on Energy, Environment and Water increased the scope for solar services to include industrial heating processes, air-conditioning, desalination and access to basic energy services.
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Read the Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting blog on conferring the Climate Solver awards here and watch Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar's key note speech here. You can also read the Economic Times article on the event.
Stefan Henningsson works as senior advisor on climate innovation for WWF International, and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.