Five outstanding Chinese technologies appointed as 2014 WWF Climate Solver winners

(Beijing, Jan 23, 2015) - Five Chinese companies with innovative technologies were today announced as the winners of WWF-China’s third annual Climate Solver Award.

The five outstanding technologies and companies are vertical high-temperature continuous graphitization furnaces (produced by Miluo Xinxiang Carbon Products Co., Ltd); MetaSpace air domes (produced by MetaSpace (Beijing) Technology); zinc bromine flow batteries (produced by Anhui Meineng Store Energy System Co., Ltd); multi-metal composite and re-manufacturing technology (produced by Deyang Advanced Material Technology Ltd); and smart meters (produced bySan Fran Electronic Co., Ltd).

If these five technologies reach their expected market share, more than 0.118 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents will be reduced every year.

The objective of the Climate Solvers programme, started by WWF-Sweden in 2008, is to strengthen innovation ecosystems around climate entrepreneurs’ so as to increase their capacity for widespread use of low carbon technologies in society. WWF discovers and promotes a selection of transformative technologies and business models every year with great potential to grow economically whilst reducing carbon dioxide emissions around the globe.

WWF-China, working with technology parks, incubators, financial institutions, governments and enterprises, strives to identify major opportunities and to eliminate barriers of the desperately needed clean technology transfer to accelerate global transformation to a low-carbon future. Since 2012, the programme has recognised 14 Chinese companies for their innovative technologies.

“Climate change has become an increasingly important global challenge. WWF sees climate innovation technology as one of the key solutions for phasing out fossil fuels and reducing carbon emissions,” said Sze Ping LO, CEO of WWF-China. “Small and medium-sized enterprises are characterised as innovative firms with the potential to become leaders in China and the world in tackling climate change.”

This year’s selection process was launched in October 2014. The expert panel evaluated the nominations according to key criteria such as emissions reduction potential, innovativeness, technology reliability, market potential and business strategy. 

"The selection of Chinese Climate Solvers this year proves that we can deliver the same or better service with five times less energy and other resources as input,” said Stefan Henningsson, senior adviser for WWF’s Global Climate and Energy Initiative. “It is also evident that China now is in the phase of creating better industrial ecosystems for nurturing start-ups with exciting new Silicon Valley-style incubators becoming more and more common.”

The Climate Solver Award programme is currently run in China, India, South Africa and Sweden. 

Notes for Editors

The 2014 Climate Solver China Award Winners are:

1. Vertical High-Temperature Continuous Graphitization Furnace

Miluo Xinxiang Carbon Products Co., Ltd. located in Hunan Province, has researched and developed a vertical high-temperature continuous graphitization furnace, which can produce high-grade graphite materials used in areas such as specialty steel smelting, the aluminum industry, synthetic diamond production, the development of new energy batteries, aerospace and so on. The vertical high-temperature continuous graphitization furnace could be applied instead of the traditional extensive way to produce graphite, such as Acheson graphitization furnace and lengthwise graphitization furnace. The products of vertical furnace have the good qualities of high-carbon, low-sulphur, stable carburetion and good absorption rate. Compared with domestic traditional techniques in China, Xinxiang Carbon’s technical operation has the advantages of saving power by more than 72% and saving water by more than 80%. Moreover, the graphite materials have the potential to optimize energy consumption with their customers in related industries.

2. MetaSpace Air Dome

MetaSpace (Beijing) Technology’s innovative MetaSpace air dome uses high performance architectural fabric as the dome’s “shell”, which is inflated by an intelligent mechanical unit to form the envelope of the structure. Neither columns nor beams are needed to support the structure. MetaSpace air dome combines advances in aeromechanics, new materials, ergonomics, energy saving and environmental protection to provide space for recreational facilities, logistic and warehousing centres. Comparing with conventional structure, such as steel structure MetaSpace air dome can save 30%-90% energy attributed to its superior performance with its air tight and patented insulation system.

3. Zinc-Bromine Flow Battery

Anhui Meineng Store Energy System Co., Ltd’s zinc-bromine flow batteries (ZBEST) is a  high-tech company dedicated to developing advanced energy storage systems. After eight years of technical development, the company has made significant progresses in developing a zinc-bromine flow battery, an emerging technology that provides a viable energy storage option for the fast-growing renewable energy market. The company has also built up in-house capability for developing key components and materials of the zinc-bromine flow battery including bipolar electrodes, membranes, electrolytes and flow frames, which could reduce the cost to the half of original. In 2015, the company will launch an innovative business model called Electricity Bankwith its cooperators in operation chains, which stores excess solar power at a cheap price and then sells it to the grid when needed at higher price and demand. By applying energy storage systems, ZBEST can greatly enhance solar power integration, and consequently reduce clean energy wasted, coal burnt and CO2 emissions stemming from China.

4. Multi-Metal Composite and Re-Manufacturing Technology

Deyang Advanced Material Technology Ltd. is professionally engaged in the research and development of multi-metal composite and re-manufacturing. It is also responsible for a breakthrough innovation to restore copper and other metals from metal powder without the need to melt them in a furnace. With the new technology of electrochemistry, partial or whole surface re-manufacturing on the scrap parts can be achieved under normal temperature and pressure. The company is specialized in the production of high purity, high uniformity, superfine shaped grain alloyed material and other special double metal (BIMETAL) or multilayer metal alloy material in steel base, nickel base, copper base, aluminum base, ceramic base of metal mechanical parts. The whole-restoring technology reduces energy consumption sharply compared to the conventional melting process in a furnace, using less than one tenth of the energy to provide the service. The end products’ metal material performance index shows that the mechanical properties equal or surpass those comparable materials from conventional production processes.

5. Smart Meters

San Fran Electronic Co., Ltd. applies switch power supply technology instead of traditional inefficient linear power supply technology, which enables smart meter power consumption at 77% below industry standard. In order to achieve the goal of reducing the overall power consumption, the meter adopts a flyback switch converter program, selects low power consumption components, and designs lower power consumption dispatch policy software. A product with the features of small size, low power consumption, high efficiency, wide input, multiple -output, high isolation voltage and so on.

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