China’s Climate Solvers Leading Us Out of Chaos

China’s Climate Solvers Leading Us Out of Chaos

Riding through the traffic in a “medium-sized” Chinese city like Changsha, may instill a sense of chaos in many people. Yet, it also challenges us to take necessary steps towards a future where people can live within the natural resource boundaries of our one and only planet.

Fortunately climate entrepreneurs all over the world are taking on that challenge, and presenting solutions that will help us create that future.

After a successful launch of the first Chinese Climate Sovlers in Beijing last year, another five were announced today in Changsha.


-       Photovoltaic Ceramic Tile, developed by Zhejiang Heda Solar Technology Co., LTD

-       Heat-Source-Tower Heat Pump, developed by Hunan Qiuke Heat-Source-Tower Heat Pump Technology Engineering Co., LTD

-       Optimus (Smart PV Optimiser), developed by Convertergy Energy Technology Co., LTD

-       Biomass Oil Fuel, developed by Guangzhou Devotion Thermal Technology Co., LTD

-       Modular Smart Charging Station, devoped by Zhuzhou Daneng Science & Tech Co

The award ceremony was held in partnership with the Development and Reform Commission and the “Two-Oriented Society” office in Hunan Province. The Hunan local government is a new partner to the  Climate Solver program, but a long-standing partner to WWF China. Introducing the Climate Solver platform in regions beyon Beijing is greatly appreciated by “local” stakeholders. In his opening remarks, Mr. WANG Yuqing, former Director of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, expressed his appreciation for the Climate Solver initiative, as low carbon development is already a priority for the province, and supporting innovations is well aligned with the local government’s mandate to explore green models for an ecologically-sound society.

In the panel discussion with climate entrepreneurs, the concern about climate change was evident. China’s high fossil-based energy consumption and air pollution (i.e. PM 2.5) was mentioned frequently to frame the discussion. It is also seen as a key driver for entrepreneurs.

In addition to Chinese technologies and manufacturing capabilities, perhaps we can all learn from the rich Chinese culture and the legend about Hun Dun (Chaos). He was very admired for his hospitality towards the emperors Hu of the North Sea and Shu of the South Sea, who often met in the land of Hun Dun (Chaos). Emperors Hu and Shu decided to express their appreciation for Hun Dun, but despite their best intentions, the treatment they offered had fatal consequences for him. However, the moment that Hun Dun (Chaos) died, an orderly world emerged.

Today, we know what treatment society needs to avoid climate chaos, but fear that it may have fatal consequences for our economies. On the contrary, investing substantial resources in supporting the growth of climate solver entrepreneurs by policy makers, investors and corporates must be an essential part of building our economies. And on some level we know these steps are necessary, and that when we take them, we will surely find that our actions lead to a more sustainable and orderly world.

-  Magnus Emfel, Manager Climate Innovations, WWF 

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