Climate Solver Cortus Takes the Stage!

Climate Solver Cortus Takes the Stage!


Direct from the horse’s mouth –  Cortus AB and Nordkalk AB have signed a twelve year contract for the supply of biogas to the Nordkalk factory in Köping, Sweden. It is estimated that their innovative gasification technology Woodroll will greatly reduce energy costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions from the Nordkalk operations. The Biogas from Cortus reduces Nordkalk’s consumption of coal as an energy source for the benefit of renewable energy.

 The deal initially involves the construction of a 5 MW demonstration plant, with deliveryscheduled to begin during the second half of 2011. The plan is to expand the facility to 25 MW after two years thus becoming the dominant energy source for the Köping factory.  According to Cortus they will supply biogas to Nordkalk corresponding to a reduction in carbon emissions by 70 000 tons annually at full capacity. The transaction is subject to Cortus financing the construction of the plant in Köping.

“The agreement with Nordkalk means that we take the step into a commercial supply of biogas on a large scale and confirms the strength of our new patented gasification technology WoodRoll for process industries,” says Rolf Ljunggren CEO and founder of Cortus AB.

Yay Cortus!!!

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