Dazzling Swedish Climate Solvers

Dazzling Swedish Climate Solvers

Three new climate solutions were awarded at WWF Sweden’s sixth annual Climate Solver Conference in Stockholm yesterday. Solutions that are equally as inspiring and promising as their predecessors all of which you can see profiled on this site.

The conference opened with Carbon Tracker’s Chairman, Jeremy Leggett who introduced his latest book The Energy of Nations: Risk Blindness and the Road to Renaissance.

In his book Leggett addresses a number of systemic global risks such as climate change, financial collapse and an insufficient oil supply, and the implications of these threats for people around the world. Leggett emphasized the crucial role transformative technologies and innovation play in countering these threats. So there can be no doubt that Climate Solvers are an answer to his prayers. And ours.

The presentation of these inspiring innovations and the passionate entrepreneurs that develop them is traditionally the highlight of the event, and this year was no exception. Together with our Innovation Partners, WWF ran calculations on these solutions that indicated that the combined potential in avoided carbon dioxide emissions amounted to an astounding 67 million tons per year by 2023!

So without further ado –

The recipients of the Climate Solver 2013 Awards in Sweden ….drum roll…are:

Climate Solvers 2013 with WWf staff

Solar PV Optimizing Inverter

A unique power inverter system for grid connected solar power installations that substantially improves energy harvest from PV solar power systems.

Developed by: Optistring Technologies AB

Anders Lindgren, CEO

ZBee Ultralight Electric Vehicle

Three-wheel electric vehicle for personal transport in urban areas and for short suburban, as well as to replace current fossil fueled two- and three-wheeled vehicles (e.g. autorickshaw’s, tuk-tuk’s).

Developed by: Clean Motion AB

Göran Folkesson, CEO

Renewable Energy-as-a-Service

Product-service-system (PSS), business & financing model, selling renewable energy from geoenergy (heating and cooling) and solar PV as a service.

Developed by: Eneo Solutions AB

Harald Överholm, Founder 

Congratualtions to all of you! We look forward to following your journey through the innovations system!




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