New and Cool – Climate Solver 2009

New and Cool – Climate Solver 2009


After weeks of intense preparations, the moment arrived that we’ve all been waiting for…7 new WWF Climate Solvers were born! Climate Solver 2009 was presented for both the press, and the participants of the Stockholm Cleantech Venture Day – Scandinavia’s larget Cleantech event.

And it didn’t take long before the interest in these technologies, and the companies representing them, made headlines. Apparently the companies profiled in the various newspapers have had their phones ringing off the hooks since the launch. As have ours. We’ve received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on our innovations work and the important role that WWF now plays in this field.  

Obviously WWF doesn’t have commercial interests in the cleantech industry which allows us to maintain an objective position when reviewing the hinders and challenges in current innovation systems.  Once those aspects are identified, our main objective is to encourage policy makers to create environments in which climate entrepreneurs can flourish. 

In addition a presentation of our climate innovations work, WWF also hosted a panel discussion entitled, “A New Deal for the Climate – A Very Big Deal for Cleantech.” HereChristian Korneval, WBCSD, Patrick Burtis, Amadeus Capital Partners, Igor Jelinski,European Commission Environmental Technology Action Plan, and Svante Bengtsson, CEO Climate Solver Rehact, discussed the implications of a global climate deal on the cleantech sector. Huge sums of public funding will be needed to mitigate and adapt to climate change. WWF is calling for global deal which secures $160 billion/year. But the public funding is only a drop in the bucket, and is meant to stimulate several times that in private investments. This potential influx of capital will certainly transform the entire market for the clean technologies, and it’s vital that these actors are well positioned to capitalize on this opportunity.

You’ve probably been waiting with baited breath, so finally Climate Solvers 2009:

Elviz (Electricity Visualizer) – energy monitoring device for reducing energy consumption in households developed by Exibea AB

Integrated bio-methane plants for vehicle fuel production developed by Swedish Biogas International AB

AirLight heat exchanger developed by Airec AB

The Supersonic Wave Engine developed by Neo Power Technology AS

The Solar Safe Water System developed by Solvatten AB

The low-energy HVAC System using Thermal Energy Storage in the building structure developed by TermoDeck International Ltd

The WoodRoll biomass gasification for process industries developed by Cortus AB

For more info on our selected Climate Solvers visit the Innovations section of this site.

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