Sneak peek at the 12 Nordic entrepreneurs that will be honoured in Malmö on Wednesday

Sneak peek at the 12 Nordic entrepreneurs that will be honoured in Malmö on Wednesday

If you have doubts about Nordic countries having the potential to become a Silicon Valley for sustainable innovations, maybe you should check out these 12 new Nordic innovations on the Climate Solver site that will come to Malmö 18 May at Cleantech Capital Day and be honoured by WWF and partners:   

Energy generation: Converting low temperature heat to electricity by Climeon 

Converting arid land into fertile soil by Desert Control

100 percent emission-free car and ridesharing by EkoRent 

Making hot water storage more efficient by EyeCular Technologies 

Digitizing the food supply chain by Fresh.Land 

Creating new ways to produce cellulose fibers by Infinited Fiber Company 

Smart urban mobility solutions by Meshcrafts 

Creating a new paradigm in daily water and energy usage by Orbital Systems 

Offering solar energy below grid parity  by Solnet Green Energy 

WWFs calculations on these 12 innovations from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway show they have the potential to avoid 247 milion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually and pull 48 million people out of energy poverty by year 2026. So the potential annual emission reductions in ten years time is about as high as the annual domestic emissions coming from the same Nordic countries in 2010. What can you do to help a climate entrepreneur? Get in contact with the entrepreneurs and/or us at WWF om  


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