US Climate Bill Bites the Dust

US Climate Bill Bites the Dust

Democrats in the US Senate have now given up their attempts to pass an energy bill that would put a cap on greenhouse gas emissions due to overwhelming Republican resistance and scaremongering. So rather than a comprehensive and effective energy bill advocating a tax on carbon, the likely result will be a more limited bill with a focus on the Gulf oil spill and energy efficiency measures. Yet another lost opportunity to curb global warming while supporting the advancement of clean technologies and the creation of millions of green jobs.

This may not come as a total surprise after the indications we’ve had the last few weeks, but it is very disappointing nevertheless. Especially given that recent polls (Wall Street Journal-NBC Poll ) found that Americans strongly support a comprehensive climate bill. Unfortunately their elected officials are obviously still under the influence of big oil, and have once again failed to represent their true interests and concerns

Obama, what happened to all that can-do spirit? You really need to get it back – and fast!

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