NordIQ Soft Control System

NordIQ The world is full of waste heat, essentially free and available for the taking.  NordIQ Softcontrol is a real-time intelligent heat balancing system for district heating and other water-based heat systems to manage and use this resource.

NordIQ Softcontrol system continually monitors and manages the heating to achieve occupants’ desired temperature. Not enough heat? Users complain, and turn up the temperature. Setting heat higher than tolerance levels to make up for fluctuations is common, and wastes energy. The solution is to continuously control the heat balance, to save money and reduce environmental impacts.

NordIQ Softcontrol can, by intelligent control of systems and as part of the company’s heat exchanging substation, reduce energy consumption by 20% in water-based heating systems, as well as by an additional 20% if waste heat can be re-used. Carbon dioxide emissions can thus potentially be cut by more than 40%.


In the US, residences and commercial buildings account for 38% of total energy consumption and 2.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide annually. Heating represents 474 million tons. Deploying technology like NordIQ Softcontrol and assuming 20% emission cuts in 20% of the buildings and 40% cuts in 2%, the total carbon dioxide savings would be 23 million tons.
In Europe, buildings are responsible for 40% of total carbon dioxide emissions, 1.6 billion tons. Residences and commercial buildings use on average 54.5% of the energy they consume for heating. Using the same market penetration assumptions as above, NordIQ Softcontrol could cut 42 million tons of carbon dioxide in Europe.

In China, buildings consume 31% of the energy produced resulting in 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide of which 510 million tons are due to heating. Calculated in the same way as above, 24 million tons could be cut with NordIQ Softcontrol.

These three examples give a total annual climate benefit of 89 million tons in carbon dioxide emission reductions, roughly the same as the sum of annual emissions from Norway and Sweden.

NordIQ may in the future establish subsidiaries abroad for local manufacturing. The company may export complete district heating solutions through a consortium or employ a leasing model and package operations, maintenance, and equipment knowledge. For marketing purposes NordIQ is eager to participate in international demonstration projects.
Currently, NordIQ is establishing a home market in Sweden and only exporting by request. The Company anticipates entering a more active export marketing phase within a year or so. 


Founded in 1999 by CEO Matts Lindgren and head of engineering Peter Gummérus, NordIQ is headquartered in Nol, Sweden. Dr. Per-Åke Frank of CIT Industriell Energianalys AB is chairman of the board, and Johan Norén, CEO of KANOZI Architects, serves as board member.