Rehact Intelligent Energy System

REHACT is pioneerng HVAC systems with climate intelligence. The company’s IVS or RES system includes ventilation with heat exchange, floor heating, a heat pump, and vacuum solar collectors to super efficiently distribute energy in buildings. Climate benefits are increased comfort, large energy savings and lower resource consumption of duct and fan systems.

One key to this efficient system is proprietary axial heat exchangers, in which heated and cooled water flows parallel to, yet in the opposite direction of, fresh air. Unique to axial heat exchangers, this feature allows for greater contact surface between the water and air. REHACT's system can utilize a smaller temperature difference between the air and the water (relative to other heat exchangers) so that air flow is reduced, which increases comfort and lowers air losses.

Vacuum solar collectors increase the heat pump’s capacity to transfer heat to the building. The system has flexibility in order to meet people’s varying needs for heating and cooling, which can help a building operator avoid costly and energy-hungry retrofits.

The average new building in the US, Europe, or China consumes roughly 200 kWh/m2/year for heating and cooling. Globally, buildings consume 50% of the electricity and heat produced by the power sector, emitting 5.4 billion tons of carbon dioxide annually. Eighty percent of these buildings are not constructed with efficiency in mind, which means heating systems waste upwards of 37% of their heating capacity with no heating benefit.

Installing REHACT IVS systems in these newly constructed buildings can cut energy use to less than 40 kWh/m2/year and cut emissions by 159 kg CO2/year/m2.

If IVS deployment were to service 600 million square meters of new buildings, emissions would be cut by 95.4 million tons of carbon dioxide annually. To put this in perspective, 2 billion square meters of new space is constructed each year in China alone.

REHACT has installed its first system and is currently measuring system performance. Within a few years, the company will license partnering businesses to allow them to manufacture and sell the products via regular distribution networks. Rehact intends to help meet an increasing demand for low delta energy distribution systems such as under floor heating. The need to combine this with ventilation will benefit the market introduction of the IVS concept. To enable the deployment of IVS, REHACT is currently seeking global partnerships.

REHACT was founded in 2005 by Jerzy Hawranek, serial inventor and one of the pioneers in the Polish heat pump market. Co-founder Svante Bengtsson has a background in the IT sector, having managed his own company for several years with customers like Microsoft Sweden. REHACT is currently funded by Innovationsbron AB with support from Västra Götalandsregionen and ALMI. The management team consists of CEO Svante Bengtsson and CTO Jerzy Hawranek.