Rhino Modified Wood

Rhino Modified Wood

Rhino Modified Wood is a high-durability timber product suitable for building and decorative applications.

The sustainably heat-treated and impregnated local timber provides a strong, non-toxic replacement to tropical hardwood. The product is an environmental, social and economic solution to the growing demand for wood in a world of rapidly diminishing rain forests, thus contributing to the slowing of deforestation. 

The greenhouse gas impact is significant, with estimates showing that we can avoid 95% of the GHG by opting for applications with Rhino Wood rather than unsustainably sourced Red Meranti (tropical hardwood).

Modified soft wood like Rhino Modified Wood has the potential to reduce emissions by 22,5 million tonnes of GHG per year by 2024 by taking a market share of 14.4 % of the global sawn hardwood market and replacing unsustainably sourced tropical hardwood.

Rhino Modified Wood has continued to develop at a rapid pace. Over the last few months, they have been increasing their capacity. Due to the intricate nature of building 'first of its kind' machinery and the energy conversion to natural gas, it has taken slightly longer than expected. This coupled with increasing demand has put them under production strain, however they are very excited to commission our new machinery and begin servicing the local market.

Their goal for international demand creation continues. They are further testing many of our products to gain acceptance into European markets."

Rhino Modified Wood is a registered South African manufacturing business headed by Scott Sargent and Stuart Prior.

At present it is set to grow from a team of 8 to 30 employees by year end 2015.

At present the company has a provisional patent on the product, process and manufacturing equipment.