Smart energy at home using cloud and storage by Suntherm

In Europe, most residential heating is generated through fossil-fuel based systems. A reality SUNTHERM is aiming to change. The company is developing “the residential smart heating system of the future with integrated 20kWh heat storage” replacing oil burning furnaces in private buildings. How? Their solution uses molten salt technology coupled with a smart system that combines a cloud-connected heat pump with rooftop solar thermal panels. 
The SUNTHERM system uses weather forecasting and electricity spot market price information to intelligently plan the production of heat: When it’s sunny, the system draws on solar. At night, a heat pump kicks in when electricity prices are at their lowest. Furthermore the system will automatically adjust according to the usage habits and requirements of home owners. In total the SUNTHERM system with its unique integrated thermal battery stores 20kWh of heat in a unit that occupies the equivalent of a standard refrigerator unit. A fifth of the space it takes to accommodate water storage units with similar capacity. 
Best of all, end users will save 60 to 80 percent on their heating bill and will get their investment in the equipment returned in less than four years’ time.
In Denmark alone there are around 250.000 oil burning furnaces. One hundred fifty thousand of these are outside the city limits and thus are not part of the district heating zones. Looking beyond the borders of Denmark, more than 50 percent of residential homes in Europe rely on fossil fuels for heat. If units with SUNTHERM’s range of performance could replace 20 percent of the oil furnaces and natural gas boilers on the European market by 2026, it would save 22.2 million tons of CO2 annually.


Morten Veis Donnerup is CEO and co-founder of SUNTHERM and has more than 15 years of experience in product development. Co-founder and technical director, Knud Vandso Madsen, has an extensive background in selling and installing heat pumps and solar thermal and solar photovoltaic systems. Jeppe Rahbek  Ladefoged has a background in marketing and advertising with more than 12 years’ experience. 
“At SUNTHERM we are developing the residential heating system of the future. We are able to produce and store both clean and cheap heating.” Morten Veis Donnerup, CEO/Co-Founder , Contact +45 6161 0604