Producing Cold-rolled Ribbed Steel Bar Developed by: Anyang Heli Techtronic Metallurgy New Technology

Cold-rolled ribbed steel bar with high ductility was developed by Anyang Heli Techtronic Metallurgy New Technology Co., Ltd. It combines the technology of cold plastic deformation and recrystallization heat treatment to enhance the strength of steel bar, and then improves its ductility with heat treatment process to eliminate residual stress and repair the microstructure defects. The new CRB600H steel bars, made from Q235 plain carbon steel without adding any micro alloy, has an intensity grade of 500 MPa. Comparing to traditional hot-rolled technique, the new technique saved about 40% comprehensive energy consumption, as well as alloy materials, such as vanadium nitrogen, manganese silicon. In this way, to produce a ton of steel could save 130 kwh of power consumption, as well as 9.3 kg standard coal, and cost near zero amount of water. Steel bars with high strength produced by this method mostly applies to distinct types of public buildings, residential and high-speed rail projects. They also could be utilized as structural reinforcement in cast-in-place floor and baseplate; wall distribution reinforcement at the bottom of shear wall; stirrup and spacer gar in beams.

This technology strengthens steel bars in a more energy-saving and cleaner way by using physical reinforce method instead of chemical one, which also save alloy materials. If it can replace 12.5% of global traditional steel bar consumption with an estimated annual capacity of 50 million tons, this technology could reduce CO2 emission by 26 million tons per year by 2026.

This technology has been listed in the Catalogue of National Key Energy-saving and Low-carbon Technology. It plans to export technical equipment and technique, establish industrial association to control the quality and market by setting up standards, and finally achieve sustainable development.

Zhai Wen, chairman, as the inventor of innovative technology in producing cold-rolled ribbed steel bar with high ductility, united Li Yajie, company deputy general manager, senior engineer, cold rolling equipment chief planner, and Xia Weixi, technical director, senior engineer, developer of equipment in producing cold-rolled ribbed steel bar with high ductility to form excellent team.