Vertical high-temperature continuous graphitization furnace

Determination reaps dividends

Miluo Xinxiang Carbon Products is an example of a company that perseveres, against all odds. A total of 12 failures and serious debt during the four year development of its award winning Vertical High-Temperature Continuous Graphitization Furnace did not deter them.

The low point in the development of the furnace came when the ‘very strict cooperation agreement’ with a relevant expert came to an end in 2008 when Hunan Province suffered ice disaster. After three experiments and spending a huge amount of money, the expert finally ran away with his family in the dead of night, taking advantage of a heavy snowfall. If that was not enough, the snow crushed two plants in the research and development base. The news of this latest disaster saw shareholders withdrawing, one after another.

But, where there’s a will, there’s a way. In the following tests, the breakthrough came and the company got its first investment in 2011.

So, what was the product that Miluo Xinxiang Carbon Products was pursuing with such determination?

The company saw the writing on the wall in 2004 when it realised that the advancement in iron and steel melting technologies would result in a demand for high grade graphite products that could be used in industries such as specialty steel smelting, the aluminum industry, synthetic diamond production, and the development of new energy batteries.

They were not alone in predicting the direction that the market would take. What set Miluo Xinxiang Carbon Products apart was a determination to solve the great environmental pollution caused by production process, and the huge energy resource consumption that was required to produce the high end graphite.

In 2014, the company adopted a new business model that aimed to upgrade the industry and improve the offering to clients.

The vertical high-temperature continuous graphitization furnace has been well received by the market, in China and internationally.

Plans for the future include a desire to see the integration of the industry, to quicken the pace of industrial upgrade, and to dramatically reduce carbon and sulphur emissions and the consumption of water dramatically.

Sze Ping LO, CEO of WWF-China praised Miluo Xinxiang Carbon Products for its perseverance and award winning solution.

“Small and medium-sized enterprises like this one are the innovators that we need to become leaders in China and the world in tackling climate change,” he says.