Winding Permanent-magnetic Coupling Variable Speed Drive in Motor System. Developed by: Jiangsu Magnet Valley Technology

Winding Permanent-magnetic Coupling Variable Speed Drive in Motor System (WPCVSD), developed by Jiangsu Magnet Valley Technology Co., Ltd, shows a brand-new speed control technology. WPCVSD converts the slip loss into electricity and feeds it back to the power supply side, which solves the technical bottlenecks of temperature rise caused by slip-speed. In comparison, WPCVSD saves 10%-50% more power than the Fluid Coupling Adjustable Speed Drive (FCASD), and even saves 1%-7% more power than the Frequency Conversion Adjusting Speed Technology (FCAST), which is currently the best power saving technology. As a soft variable speed technology, WPCVSD not only immune to interference on grid, but also has high efficiency, wide range of adjustable speed, and high accuracy. As a result, WPMASD could be applied to fan, compressor engine, water pump, air pre-heater, bucket wheel machine and other industrial motor system for saving energy by adjusting speed.

If applied to 1% of global industry motor system, this technology could reduce CO2 emission by 29 million tons per year by 2026.

The company will strive for innovation, research, development. It will combine WPCVSD and industrial motor system together, which can be applied in any industrial area.

Xu Junfeng, general manager, chairman, the shareholder, led the company successfully listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations, which made this company as the first stock in the field of permanent magnet speed governor. Huang Hai, vice president of Technology, engaged in research on permanent magnet motor and its control system, presided over the Dragon deep-sea motor, won the two prizes of science and technology progress by the China Shipbuilding Industry Corp. He was met by Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang due to dragon manned submersibles.