100 percent emission-free car and ridesharing by EkoRent

More than half of the world’s population lives in cities. And those numbers are growing: Urban populations are expected to double from the current 3.5 billion to 6 billion by 2050. With surging numbers of people living in cities, traffic congestion goes up and so does air pollution from which more than 5.5 million people worldwide are dying prematurely every year. 
It’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing. Because as the world becomes wealthier, people tend to buy private cars. To get the most out of their money, many turn to low-cost and less environmentally sustainable car models. For now, the price tag of electronic vehicles is out of range for most people. As a result: Road transport (both public and private) contributes about one-fifth of the EU’s total emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the biggest greenhouse gas. While these emissions fell by 3.3 percent in 2012, they are still 20.5 percent higher than in 1990. 
In Finland, the average car owner drives only 42 kilometers per day and the car is idle for about 97 percent of the time. For people living in urban areas, financing and maintaining and parking a vehicle adds up to hundreds of euro a month. And for consumers who care about the environment, the contribution cars make to CO2-emissions makes driving standard vehicles even less attractive.
There’s a reason why the “O” in EkoRent’s logo depicts a power button. That’s because the company’s car rental and sharing service is 100 percent electric, and therefore CO2 emission free when the electricity comes from renewable energy sources. It’s the first and the largest company of its kind in Finland. Their tagline is “Go places. With clear conscience.” EkoRent allows that and helps drivers save money and the hassles associated with car ownership.  
The company created a service experience that’s easy to use. Cars are located and rented using a mobile app that shows how far a vehicle can be driven before the next charge is needed. EkoRent’s pricing mode is based on hourly use and includes unlimited mileage, built-in navigation, insurance, charging and free parking at EkoRent service stations. Rates start at as low as eight euro an hour. 
To help keep their fleet in shape, EkoRent shares “Six Golden Rules” for their member drivers. Those include treating the car like it’s your own and keeping it neat inside. Not smoking, eating or transporting pets. And reporting any damage to the vehicle. 

According to ZipCar (the largest car sharing company in the world), one shared vehicle reduces up to 15 private vehicles. The CO2 reductions of a single EkoRent electric vehicle is comparable to 30 private cars each. With 10 EkoRent cars, the CO2 reductions annually would be 14,425 tons. If their electric vehicles sharing system and car rental reaches a 30 percent market share, about 11 million tons of CO2 would be avoided annually.

EkoRent opened a number of centrally located service stations in Finland during 2014. And will continue adding new stations and expanding their fleet in the future.

Juha Suojanen is the founder and CEO of EkoRent. He has extensive experience in the ICT industry. Juuso Lindgren is CTO and has a background in electric vehicles and clean energy. Jesse Hietanen is operations director for EkoRent and is responsible or sourcing and training local operations managers.  
“Humankind is facing the greatest challenge of our times. We have to stop consuming our resources and polluting this planet as we are doing today. If we don't, large parts of our planet will suffer from catastrophic consequences of climate change forcing millions of climate refugees out of their homes. This will effect us all, either directly or indirectly. Time is running out and we need to act now to reverse the direction.” Juha Suojanen, Founder and CEO, Contact +358 40 707 1091