Elevated track transport system by Milotek

As a Fractional Rapid Transit (FRT) system, the Futran system is designed to transport a range of pod types to take loads as light as a few hundred kilograms and as heavy as 20 tonnes using the same track type and the same motorised units. The flexibility and scalability of the system is unique and enables it to address a range of needs in a variety of conditions. The system uses a light weight, super strong, elevated track network, and can be deployed on road and railway reserves, over obstacles and sensitive areas such as wetlands and rivers. It is high enough to enable animal and people migrations, and small enough not to be visually disturbing.

When compared to trucks at a mine, the Futran System saves cost by up to 50% and reduces CO2 emissions by 70% or more.

If systems like FUTRAN running on solar power could capture 17% of total ore moved globally by 2026, they could save 22 million tonnes of CO2 per year. 

The first Futran public transportation systems will be deployed over the next two to three years, with long distance haulage systems deployed within three to four years. Cross-continental long distance haulage lines will be deployed across Africa in the longer term. 

Milotek (Pty) Ltd, creators of the Futran public transportation system is owned by Imperial Holdings, Andries Louw and Minorities. Key staff include Andries Louw (CEO and Head of Technology), Percy van Staden (Legal and Commercial Director), Riaan Smith (Head of ICT), Claude Smit and Pieter Mulder (Engineering), and Stoza Molojwane and Tiaan Welman (Business Development).