Modular Smart Charging Station

The 28 pilot cities in China have planned to deploy about 250,000 new-energy vehicles and construct supporting charging infrastructure during 2014 and 2015. To better facilitate the EV deployment, Daneng Science & Tech has actively researched and developed the modular smart charging station.

The smart charging machine adopts concentrated rectification of high-frequency pulse width modulation, common DC-bus and paralleled DC/DC charging module technologies. It can smartly charge various types of batteries, and will automatically select the best way of charging strategy and charging curve. The charging efficiency can be above 95%.The battery power can be inverted and feed back to grid through the technology. The design of modular structure makes the smart charging technology apt to construct the modular smart charging station. The commercial products based on the smart charging technology can meet various needs of electric passenger cars and buses, and can also be applied in rail transit.

Combined with the theory of charging station construction pattern proposed by Daneng, modular smart charging station can reduce the impact on the grid. Its smaller covering area, shorter construction period and less need of investment can help the smart charging station deployed more rapidly. In the future, the modular smart charging station can achieve distributed and networked management, and integrate different management functions into a unified platform.

Charging infrastructure is the basis of the large-scale application of electric passenger cars and buses. Assuming the global market of electric passenger cars and buses in 2023 will grow 2 years faster than expected with the technology, 24 million tons of CO2 emission can be avoided per year with the deployment the modular smart charging station.

Smart charging machine and station of electric vehicle is the key area of the company's future development. By exploring different investment and operation modes (such as Build Operate Transfer, etc.), Daneng will construct pilot projects of electric vehicle charging station, and participate in electric car rental demonstration projects. In terms of technology research and development, Vehicle To Grid (V2G) charging and non-contact charging are the key directions.

Zhuzhou Daneng Science & Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. The core team of Daneng has a solid theoretical expertise, with rich practical experience, strong management skills and innovation capacity. Daneng is accredited as a research-based High-tech Enterprise and Software Enterprise. The 22 R&D staffs accounts for nearly 35% of all the staffs.