Smart urban mobility solutions by Meshcrafts

Charging electric vehicles can be a hassle for both car owners and infrastructure operators. Owners need to understand where stations are and what kind of power is provided. And operators need to make sure their capacity is optimized and that they make a profit on running stations. Both groups need information –delivered real time. 
Enter Meshcrafts. “Zero emission. No Hassle.” It’s the company’s tagline and is the driving force behind their “Smart Urban Mobility” solution that connects end users with charging infrastructure. For drivers, Meshcrafts solutions leverage a digital platform that provides real-time information on available parking spots and charging stations. The app is available for Apple and Android smartphones. For operators, the platform enables monetization of excess capacity for charging and parking infrastructure. 
Meshcrafts’ Smart Urban Mobility platform features four modules:
• Smart Charge is for electrical vehicle infrastructure management. Not only a trading platform for energy, but also a facilitator between operators and driver. Smart Charge is a charging stations management system that delivers real time information for navigation and a charging app, and includes a secured payment system. 
• Smart Park is for parking infrastructure management. It serves as a facilitator between operators and drivers, enabling real-time information for navigation, booking and payment. 
• Smart Point: Too many charging stations today aren’t equipped to be accessible online. This decreases value and reduces the potential revenue from the charging point. Meshcrafts has developed a device that is retrofitted into existing charging stations. 
• Smart Charge EV application is a charging application for electrical vehicles. And finds the right charging station automatically, based on need and destination. 
Meshcrafts is expanding its smart system to include other vehicles including diesel and gas-run cars where fuel use can be reduced in the transition towards zero emissions transport. 

By providing real-time information, urban traffic can be reduced by as much as 40 percent. Thanks to approaches like the one delivered by Meshcrafts, existing capacity can be used so efficiently that new structures don’t need to be developed. Finally, by minimizing the hassles associated with electric cars, Meshcrafts can increase the number of green vehicles in traffic, reducing overall CO2 emissions and enabling fossil fuel free transport.  If Meshcrafts’ approach accelerates the market introduction of EVs and plugin hybrids by three years it would make annual emissions saving of 24.9 million tons of CO2 by the year 2026.  

Meshcrafts is expanding its smart system to include other vehicles including diesel and gas-run cars.

Meshcrafts’ management team consists of former and graduate students from Norwegian University of Life Science, University of Oslo and BI. All are co-founders and handle different aspects of the organization:  Åsmund Møll Frengstad, Managing Director; Paal Christian Myhre, Sales Manager; Sindre Kvaalsgard, System Architect; Jørgen J. Rognerud, Back-end Developer; Einar André Gasmann, Front-end Developer and Shahzad Ali Khan, Back-end Developer.

“The climate change is probably the biggest challenge human kind have faced, and transportation is a big part of the problem, so by reducing and pivot the transportation into electric and green solutions we can get closer to reach the goal of max 1.5 degrees.” Åsmund Møll Frengstad, Founder & CEO, Contact +47 905 03 441