Heat superconducting material and related products

Solar hot water and PV power are the two main approaches to utilize solar energy directly at present. However, the energy conversion efficiency of solar water heater and PV modules still needs to be improved, and the average service life of water heater is only 3-5 years.

Ecoway Energy Technology Group developed the micro heat pipe array heat superconducting materials with international and national invention patent, based on which a new generation of thermal and PV products are developed, and its thermal conductivity is about 5000 times of the aluminum. Flat Solar Collector Utilizing Heat Superconducting Material has the advantage of high efficiency and long durability. Daily solar heat gain reaches 11.2 MJ/m2, which is 1.6 times of the national standard. It avoids the common problems of traditional flat solar collector such as solder joints cracking, high antifreeze cost, easy to rust, et al., making the service life above 25 years. The Heat and PV Combined Module uses the heat superconducting material to obtain the heat accumulated in the component quickly to reduce the temperature, increasing the amount of power generated while converting most of the heat into hot water. In summer, this technology could increase the efficiency of PV power generation in the eastern area by up to 50%. Flat Solar Collector Utilizing Heat Superconducting Material & Heat and PV Combined Module have a promising future of widely use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings in the solar thermal engineering market, as well as distributed PV power generation market.

If replacing 5% of traditional energy hot water globally and applying to 10% of PV projects by 2025, it will avoid 52 million tons of CO2 emission per year.

This technology has been grated 17 domestic patents for invention as well as 1 patent in Europe. It is included in List of Key Low Carbon Technology for Deployment (second batch). The product has been commercialized and the company has formed a strategic partnership with many well-known companies in the industry. In addition, the products have successfully entered the Japanese market and reported by a number of well-known Japanese media.

The company is established by distinguished professor of Beijing-Mr. Zhao Yaohua together with angel investment organizations. Mr. Zhou Weiguo, chair of the board, has worked and lived in Japan for 11 years and has 12-year professional experience in top international investment banks. He was the executive director of the Asian Natural Resources Group in Goldman Sachs, in charge of clean energy industry in China. CEO Mr, Miao Yabin MBA from Renmin University. CIO Zhao Yaohua used to be the head of heat and mass transfer research department, Engineering Thermal Physics Research Institute of CAS. COO Zhang Kairong has studies, researched and worked in Japan for 14 years, served as chief researcher in Electronic Technology Department of MITSUBISHI Automatic Vehicle. R&D staff takes up over half of the whole company and staff with a diplomat of bachelor or higher is over 60%.