Intelligent Solar Tracking System Technology. Developed by: Huangshan Runsol New Energy

Solar PV’s generation capacity relies on receiving solar radiation. Traditional photovoltaic generating plants install crystalline silicon panels in a fixed base so that the panels are at a constant angle relative to solar trajectory.

Intelligent solar tracking system technology innovated by Huangshan Runsol, uses an intelligent tracking remote control to rotate solar PV panels automatically with the movements of the sun. Thus, the solar panel’s generating capacity was enhanced by enabling its surface to receive much more solar radiation. This technology extensively applies to solar PVs installed in fish ponds, mountains, and roofs with a max slope of 20 degrees and temperature ranging -35℃ to 65℃. This effectively solves natural environmental problems, foundation settlements as well as other problems that may damage the system. Compared to common stationary supports, this tracking system could improve power generating capacity by 10% to 45%. It also has a 25-years operation life for photovoltaic power plants. This benefit is far greater than the initial construction and maintenance costs. Intelligent solar tracking system has passed the UL2703 and UL3703 standard test certifications in October 2016.

If applied to 2% of global solar PVs, this technology could reduce CO2 emission by 36 million tons per year by 2026.

The company aims to build a global solar tracking system industry leading brand. It has been listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations by Dec 2016, and starting A-shares IPO in 2017. It plans to achieve rapid development at home and abroad and also establish solar energy research institute and post-doctoral research station for sustainable development.

Gu Quanjun, chairman of the board of directors, Anhui Province innovation and entrepreneurship leading talent; Sun Haitao, president, China's first dual axis tracking solar power plant technology core members; Shi Li, chief financial officer; Wang Hepeng, chief technology officer; Liu Guangyu, chief scientist, Doctor from Melbourne University, doctoral tutor from Oakland University, one of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts in Zhejiang Province, Qianjiang scholars; Chen Xiaoyuan, Technical experts in photoelectric thin film Engineering Center, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute; Poomtpat, solar integrated system expert, Thailand Electric Power Research Institute of solar energy expert; Wang Sicheng, the State Council special allowance expert; Chen Changhong, Northwestern Poly-technical University professor.