Offering solar energy below grid parity by Solnet Green Energy

Solnet Green Energy is on a mission to help businesses save energy cost and reduce their carbon footprint. They do that by generating clean renewable energy locally. Providing power well below grid parity. The company takes full responsibility for planning, installing and operating solar plants. All maintenance, repairs, updates and cloud-based data services are part of the service with no additional cost to the customer.
The company’s smart solutions drive visibility into the energy purchasing process and feature detailed information from utilities so users can buy energy from the grid when demand is at its lowest. All of Solnet’s solutions are enhanced in terms of both product and storage. So each individual panel has its own power optimizer which results in higher annual yield. In the event of a panel malfunction, there are redundancies built into the system to prevent a grid-wide outage. 
Solnet’s focus is in the B2B market: Municipalities and companies that consume significant amounts of energy in industries like manufacturing, retail and logistics. Or with companies that have critical power balancing needs like datacenters and hospitals. 

Solnet improves the energy efficiency of its customer by providing locally produced solar energy combined with storage solutions, helping them reach ambitious targets for efficiency and emission reductions. If the Solnet approach expands the solar PV market in target countries by 10 percent, the annual CO2 emission savings would equal 25.4 million tons by the year 2026. 

One of Solnet’s recent project wins is the K-citymarket in Tammisto, Finland, which began construction in May of this year. K-citymarket will be the largest property-specific solar utility installation in the country with around 1,600 solar panels on the roof, generating 503 kWp. When the power is highest during sunny summer days, the solar utility will cover around half of the property’s electricity consumption.

In addition to the founding partners Arttur Kulvik and Kaj Kangasmäki, the team behind the company includes former members of Neste Oyj management: Tapio Alvesalo, D. Sc. (Tech.), who is a pioneer in the Finnish solar energy sector and Tapio Alvesalo, founder of Naps International, a company that develops and markets solar energy systems. 

“Our approach to solving tomorrows climate and energy challenges is to focus on end customers financial benefit and making the transition to renewable energy as simple as possible. From our perspective the environmental impact of renewables is added value and key selling point is financial benefit and cost savings to end customers. This is the only way to implement renewables fast enough and on a scale that is significant to mitigate future climate issues. With our business model saving the worlds biodiversity is good for the economy and improves the bottom line for companies.” Arttur Kulvik, Chairman of the Board / Founding Partner, Contact '+358 50 342 7719